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The Connection
Works Project.

The Connection Works Project. Inspiring healing, through connection to self, others and our natural world.

The ConnectionWorks Programme

An innovative, holistic year-long programme was designed to provide an alternative treatment option for those struggling with the impacts of Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (CPTSD).

There are very few services specifically targeting this group of patients, who are known to be high users of primary and secondary healthcare services and social care. The quantitative and qualitative data from this pilot project demonstrates Connection Works to be a cost-effective treatment option to support and heal those affected by CPTSD.

Traumatic events can cause devastating and lasting impacts to an individual; directly causing mental and physical illness, affecting the emotional, physical and mental well-being of the individual, as well as having ripple effects to those around them. However, the vast cost to health and social care services and the wider economy is frequently overlooked.

$232.2 billion annually: the estimated total excess economic burden of PTSD in the United States in 2022. The excess annual costs to an individual with a diagnosis of PTSD is estimated at $19,630.15

$89,390: the estimated average lifetime cost of non-fatal child maltreatment in the UK per individual in 2015 – does not include impacts to physical health.10

Only one in eight people with PTSD had been given a formal diagnosis and only half were receiving treatment. In fact, many patients who would qualify for a diagnosis of PTSD based on their symptoms, are misdiagnosed with depression, and therefore not treated appropriately.

£117.9 billion pounds per annum: the estimated cost of mental ill health in the UK in 2019, This was approximately 5% of the UK GDP. During the same financial year, the cost of the NHS in England was £150.4 billion pounds. This did not include the costs of alcohol nor substance misuse, nor dementia. Again, the impacts of traumaon physical health were not included. 30

I used to overdose a lot but I’ve not done that for just over a year.
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